“Arbonne has the best selection of skincare items. There is literally something for everyone.”

I never realized the importance of a skincare routine until I started doing Arbonne. I was one of those individuals who left makeup on at night and washed my face occasionally with water.

Now you might ask, what is wrong with that? Well, that was my question. But, the truth – there is so much dirt that you are allowing to be built up by doing that.

If you don’t like using a lot of products, wipe your face with make-up wipes and then finish with micellar water to get rid of trapped dirt.

Think of when you wash a car. You go on a drive through a dirty road (aka: leaving makeup on). Then it’s night-time and you just leave it. The next day, you are going to just add more dirt on top of that dirt that has already began to crust in the crevices of your car seams. If you wash it with just water, there is only so much you are going to wash away. When you use certain products and rub it in, you can often get more – same thing with your skin on your face.

Arbonne’s skincare helped clear up years of random breakouts and imperfections just by getting a good skincare routine down that wasn’t harsh on my skin.

There is literally something for everyone and everyone’s needs. And the best part? It is free of the harmful chemicals you are going to find in products in the store.

Also something to think about – because Arbonne uses all active ingredients, the results you want to get you will get faster with Arbonne and with less product. So you are probably saving money in the end and using a better product.

Shown to the left is the most popular skincare routine – the RE9 Anti-Aging line, which is what I personally use every night and every morning. I have gotten many compliments on my skin, but I promise it wasn’t always like this way. It took finding the right company and then the right product that worked for me. Everyone’s skin is different, so that needs to be kept in mind.

Below is one of the NVPs on our Arbonne team. On the left is her before she started with Arbonne and to the right is her today – a 15 year difference – Arbonne makes her look like she aged backwards! I love it.