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Love is the Answer

Memories on Facebook are a reminder of where we have been – sometimes this can bring up a lot of emotions, depending on what the post entails. A year ago, I posted the message below*. Today it showed up and reminded me that no matter what life throws at you, LOVE is always the answer. … Continue reading Love is the Answer

The Misconceptions of PTSD

“The big issue for traumatized people is that they don’t own themselves anymore. Any loud sound, anybody insulting them, hurting them, saying bad things, can hijack them away from themselves. And so what we have learned is that what makes you resilient to trauma is your own self fully. ” – Dr. Bessel van der … Continue reading The Misconceptions of PTSD

The Power of Addiction

“One of the hardest lessons I learned was that I was worth recovery.” Demi Lovato The term addiction is not a one size fits all kind of term, which is why many people need multiple rounds of treatment in order to truly begin sobriety. For some, their addiction may be to a chemical or drug. … Continue reading The Power of Addiction

Self-Discipline Reminders

When I start to feel off-balance, it is often because I have begun to skip the activities on my Self-Discipline tactics I am about to list. While I know it is counter-productive, the pattern is so easy to get trapped into. It starts with (a) getting overwhelmed then (b) crawling up on the couch and … Continue reading Self-Discipline Reminders

Dear Me: I forgive you.

Sometimes in order to heal, we have to forgive ourselves for our imperfections and mistakes. The hard part is “how”. In my experience, the first step is acknowledging whatever it is that is keeping you stuck. That moment in time doesn’t have to be acknowledged to anyone but yourself. It just has to be present … Continue reading Dear Me: I forgive you.

30 Years: 30 Life Lessons

It’s crazy to think I am thirty years old – not because I think it is an old age, but rather because time is going so insanely fast. One moment we are all graduating high school and the next, everyone is settling down in their careers and building a family of their own. To celebrate … Continue reading 30 Years: 30 Life Lessons

The Track of Life

Behind me is a track. Let’s pretend it’s the track of life. You can either run it or you can stand back and watch. Who do you let control your life? Are you in control or are you letting life just happen? You are not meant to stay stuck in life. Your mindset has a … Continue reading The Track of Life

Intro to Clean Eating

This is the beginning of the recipes section of my website! A new tab will be made on the homepage to display some of my personal favorite clean eating recipes. Part of “Holistic Living” is living to the best of your ability physically, as well as mentally. When you eat clean – riding of processed … Continue reading Intro to Clean Eating

The Truth Behind Eating Disorders

“Choosing to engage in binging, extreme dieting, purging and other obsessive behaviors relating to body image and weight loss are attempts to “self-treat” their lack of control in other aspects of their life where they have no control.” Psychology Today, Kristen Fuller M.D. One of the biggest misconceptions about Eating Disorders are that they are … Continue reading The Truth Behind Eating Disorders

Suffering from Chronic Pain

“Throughout the world, 1 in 5 people suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain.” Breivik H, Collet B, Ventafridda V, Cohen R, Gallacher D. Survey of chronic pain in Europe: prevalence, impact on daily life, and treatment. Eur J Pain. 2006;10:287-333.  February 24, 2015 – It was 3:10 in the afternoon. I was working as a … Continue reading Suffering from Chronic Pain

Recommended Companies

The purpose of my blog is to promote a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. As a result, I wanted to denote a specific blog post to brands/companies that I recommend in case you are ever finding yourself in need of resources. For easy access, this blog post will have its own tab on the home page entitled, … Continue reading Recommended Companies

What is Holding You Back?

“A lot of the time, what holds us back and keeps us trapped is the thought that we aren’t the sort of person who can succeed.” Katherine Hurst As our souls enter into this world, each individual is born with a pre-designed purpose. As we grow and learn from experiences, we begin to recognize what … Continue reading What is Holding You Back?

Are You Better as Friends?

“Sometimes it’s better for two people, who no longer fit together the way they should, to walk different paths and to wish each other well.” Breaking up is not an ideal situation for anyone. No one wants to hurt and feel like the world is crashing down upon them. I know I certainly didn’t. But, … Continue reading Are You Better as Friends?

My “Coming Out” Story

“I am gay. I am straight. I am a lesbian. I am bisexual. I am trans. I AM HUMAN.” My story is anything but ordinary, especially when it comes to my relationships and sexual orientation. The most common question I get is, “Did you always know you were attracted to women?” The answer is quite … Continue reading My “Coming Out” Story

The Truth About Being an Empath

“When empaths absorb the impact of stressful emotions, it can trigger panic attacks, depression, food, sex and drug binges, and a plethora of physical symptoms that defy traditional medical diagnosis from fatigue to agorophobia.” Judith Orloff, M.D. Growing up, I was always told I was “emotional” or “overly sensitive”. While I knew wholeheartedly this was … Continue reading The Truth About Being an Empath

You are Not a Tree

“If you are not happy with your life, you need to do something to change it. Do not stay stuck. You are not a tree.” If you read the name of the article and the quote, you might think – “Wow that’s harsh, what does this girl know?” Let me tell you what I know. … Continue reading You are Not a Tree

The Pillow Method

“The idea is to write your affirmation on a piece of paper and place it underneath your pillow before you fall asleep.” Okay, so I cannot claim”The Pillow Method” as my idea – I want to put that out there first and foremost. However, I think the whole concept is an amazing idea and I … Continue reading The Pillow Method

Improving my Nutritional Intake

“The truth is you cannot out exercise bad nutrition.” My battle with nutrition has been a bumpy road. Unfortunately, after years of starving myself, binging, and throwing up, I have some lasting effects from my eating disorder which has messed up my intestines and thus my digestion. Arbonne’s nutrition has helped so much in decreasing … Continue reading Improving my Nutritional Intake


“Loneliness is designed to help you discover who you are and stop looking outside yourself for worth.” Do you ever have one of those days were you just feel misunderstood? Like no matter what you do, you cannot get your point across? Well, what happens when this feeling occurs on a daily basis, leaving you … Continue reading Loneliness

Law of Attraction

” In the New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. “ Have you ever heard someone tell you how important it is to think positively? If you haven’t, even more of a reason to read this article! If … Continue reading Law of Attraction

The Untold Story: My Battle With Depression, Body Image, and Food

“Real hope combined with real action has always pulled me through difficult times. Real hope combined with doing nothing has never pulled me through.” ― Jenni Schaefer, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover from Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life This is a story that almost came to an end many times over the last … Continue reading The Untold Story: My Battle With Depression, Body Image, and Food

Why Reading is Important for Personal Growth and Achievement

Do not underestimate the magic of what 15 minutes of reading can do for your self-growth. Kristen S. Reading is a popular habit among super successful (and happy!) people. But not just any kind of reading – it’s the kind of reading which helps to spark the soul, building self-confidence and spirit. Some people choose … Continue reading Why Reading is Important for Personal Growth and Achievement

My Anxiety has Anxiety

“This too shall pass.” Unknown Sweating. Heart racing. Can’t breathe. Hands are shaking. Thoughts are bouncing. What the fuck?! Welcome to the world of anxiety, my friends. It sucks! If you have anxiety, you know it is a very physical and mental struggle. Your body begins to have its own reaction while it seems like … Continue reading My Anxiety has Anxiety

Friends Come and Friends Go

“As I get older, I am becoming more selective of who I consider a friend. I find that I would rather have four quarters than 100 pennies” Unknown One of the hardest things about life is “change”. It is unavoidable and honestly a natural occurrence here on Earth. As you travel throughout the different phases … Continue reading Friends Come and Friends Go

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