Oh, makeup…one of my favorite topics to talk about in Arbonne.

One of the major reasons I used to break out was because of the foundation I would wear. I won’t name all the brands I tried, but you can buy them at your local drugstore.

It took me years to realize what was causing it. Those icky foundations have so many “fillers” in it (to makeup it cheaper to buy and produce) and they are of oily substance. So if you think your skin is oily, it might honestly just be your makeup. Look below to see the difference. These foundations were laid out over a period of time. See how much oil it produced just laying there? That shouldn’t happen. Now look at Arbonne’s foundations. See the difference? I WILL NEVER WEAR ANOTHER FOUNDATION FROM THE DRUGSTORE because of this. It grosses me the hell out! And it is so wrong that this kind of thing is not public knowledge. Please do your research so you know what you are buying, whatever brand it is. Don’t get caught up on price. There is always a way around it.